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p.s 知道我混乱状况的好盆友,我不知道该怎么去感激,或者,安慰你们,我还是没有办法摆脱混乱的情绪,所以,献上这段了快1个月的糟片,希望你们可以和我一起平抚一下下。特别选了一首最近我一直在听的一首歌,实际上这支乐队不管别人评论如何,我就那样执着的觉得好听,这首歌有着美丽而慵懒的旋律和拧巴的歌词,让我想起自己,内心的波动永远无法和我的表情和谐的配搭……算了,不胡言乱语了……

Konica Autoreflex TC
DNP Century 100





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Josephine is not your kind
She believes in magic and rhymes
You tried hard to make her fine
But she sleeps with acid

Do her parents know it’s for real
When she asks them to be high
I don’t know
But they sure will be aware of it

She smokes clouds every single night
Should be glad that she’s alive
In her head she sees butterflies with pistols

Josephine is not your kind
She believes in ravers with dimes
You tried hard to see her eyes
But they’re made for others

She runs to the club with some cash
And spends them all on pleasure
In her head there’s some old drug
Taking care of her

Gets the very best of a man
And pays him with a laugh
Don’t you see she’s not a mystery



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